Cargo Cosmetics Shanghai Nights Eye Palette Review

Continuing the Cargo Cosmetics Eyeshadow reviews, is Shanghai Nights. Another cargo Eye Palette I picked up on eBay. Spent around $15. I was immediately attracted to the travel inspired packaging. Although I haven’t been to Shanghai, the packaging does remind me of Tokyo or Beijing.

Contains 12 eyeshadows along with a brush. The brush is passable. That’s about as much as there is to say about it.


Wai Tai slight sheen grey taupe

Skyline slight sheen electric blue

Bund slight sheen soft taupe

Lychee shimmer soft pink

Jin Mao shimmer brownie taupe

Neon shimmer gold cream

Hu slight sheen white

Street Style shimmer gunmetal

Ginger shimmer peach

Jade shimmer blackened green

Bar Rouge shimmer vivid magenta purple

Night Life shimmer black

The colors are listed from left to right-in order on my arm.

The shimmery colors are actually more of a finely milled glitter, which is prone to fallout and get in your eyes. The colors didn’t really have a lot of pigment unless you really layered them or applied wet. Although the two lightest shades were actually quite pigmented and nice. And the colors just kind of got muddy on the eyes. Tried several looks and really never came out with a look I loved.

Overall, I found the formula to be rather cheap and I wouldn’t advise getting this one. I think I have two palettes left in my collection to review and this is one that’s not making me want to purchase the three I am missing.

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