Essie Manicure

I usually get a manicure a couple times a month. I head to my local spa and make a day of it, enjoying the pools and Sun.

When I’m working I have to wear basic colors. Pinks or natural colors, red or French manicure. Nothing crazy or fun. But I’m off this week so I decided to try something fun.

I picked out Girly Grunge and Damsel in a Dress. Two shades in the purple family.

Girly Grunge is a shiny silver lilac. Damsel in a Dress is a shiny rich burgundy purple shade. You can see hints of shimmer too. Very pretty.

The colors paired nicely and the darker shade made a nice complement to the lighter shade.

I like Essie and OPI for regular nail polish. I don’t use gel or the latest powder nail polish as I find those weaken my nails terribly after I take polish off.

I find that my salon manicures usually last five to seven days. If I do my nails at home, 3 to 4 days.

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