Cargo The Essentials Eyeshadow Palette Review

Here’s my review of my third Cargo shadow palette. A collection of 12 neutral shadows in a cute travel inspired package. I love the packaging but the shadows are all right. Great for a neutral eye but I think most brands have a nude inspired palette that’s better than this one.

Uptown: matte off white

District: shimmer light pink peach

City Hall: matte light beige

Urban: matte soft stone

Rush Hour: matte peach

Plaza: matte stone

Downtown: matte black

Industry: shimmery gunmetal

Metro: shimmery soft brown

Browstone: matte chocolate

Hub: shimmery soft taupe

Facade: matte black

The pigment is very pigmented in the dark shades and decent in the lighter shades. Problem is most of the colors look alike. Especially on the lid. I can’t really see much difference.

Also contains a black liner and double sided brush. Both usable. Overall, this was decent. Pigmented enough for a neutral smoky eye but none of the colors were especially unique. I found this one at Ross discount store for $8.49.

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