Month 4 of Blogging

Here I am at the four month mark of blogging. I’ve had a few ups and downs. I have yet to figure out how to attach links in a post. That’s a big thing I need to learn to do. But as far as that, I think I’ve come up with a good writing system. I’m writing frequently and attaching pics!

Negatives so far? I don’t like that sometimes my phone and iPad don’t sync up correctly. My travel photos are on my phone but I usually write on my IPad. So if it doesn’t sync, transfer is more difficult. I also don’t like that when I set up a timer to publish a post, it doesn’t work unless I have that device open. but those are just minor details.

My biggest thought now is how to get followers. WordPress advises using tags and categories. I think I’m doing that properly now. I’ve definitely put more thought into that.

WordPress also advises that good writing skills are key. I guess I’m somewhat lacking there. My sister has a blog that’s beautifully written. She can describe a place and make you want to go there.

I don’t think my writing is beautiful by any means. I wanted my blog to be more direct, a simple review of things and places. My thoughts. I wonder if I should take more time writing each blog? I don’t publish a blog the same day that I draft it. I have several drafts saved and review them a few times before publishing. Hmm? Should I be adding more descriptive language? Some things to think about.

So what other things make people follow you? I have noticed my makeup reviews are my most popular articles. Which is funny, cause I did not want my blog focus to be on makeup but it seems like I have no choice if I want to get some followers.

I have to admit, when I get the notifications that someone liked my post or followed me gets me pretty excited. I find myself periodically checking my stats. And when I say periodically, I mean 5-6 times a day. Maybe more.

I also haven’t figured out if there’s a more popular day or time to post. A google search indicated that several blogs a week are necessary, Another google search stated that posts published between 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. are most popular. And the best days are Tuesday’s and Wednesday. Another article says Monday at 11 a.m. for the most traffic but Saturday at 9 a.m. for the most comments. But most inbound links are Monday’s and Thursdays at 7 a.m. What the heck is an inbound link? I guess I still have a lot to learn. But overall, it seems like there is no exact science. Different topics can also change the best time to post. So much to learn.

I guess I will keep chugging along. I recently posted my first item for sale on a Poshmark and I’m almost ready to dump that. In a week I’ve gotten over 2,000 followers but no sales. I’m assuming everyone follows you on that site to try and get sales. All I do everyday is follow another several hundred people who have followed me. I have no intention of buying on that site, I only wanted to sell my stuff. But it’s looking like Goodwill will be getting some donations as I’m finding that site useless.

But I digress. (As Sophia Petrillo used to say). Getting followers. How do I do that? I’m guessing I will get bored sooner or later if no one reads my posts. I will feel like why am I imparting my knowledge if no one cares. Plus I have noticed that since my makeup reviews are doing so well, I’m buying more makeup just to review! That’s not good for my budget! But so far so good!

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