Cargo Aloha Palette Review

A few weeks ago I wrote a review about the Cargo Getaway Palette. I was pleasantly surprised by that palette and immediately ran out and ordered four other Cargo eyeshadow palettes on eBay. Big mistake. The quality of the shadows vary from Palette to Palette.

Aloha Palette looks exactly like something I would love. Full of color, teal, purples and some neutral browns to tie it all together. Unfortunately the shadows are much more hit or miss.

Hula: shimmery off eggshell

Waikiki: shimmery Light tan

Hapuna: shimmery Light stone

Kona: shimmery Light taupe

Shell: shimmery Light lilac taupe

Shaka: matte browned plum

Hibiscus: matte light mustard

Island: shimmery tan

Kia: shimmer teal

Tiki: matte chocolate

Lei: matte lilac pink purple. Purple but with pink undertones

Luau: matte dark purpled brown

Look how bad the pigment quality is. You can barely see 6 of the 12 shades. And they really don’t show up on the lids either. The matte shades were rather uninspired and just average. The teal actually looks better on the eye.

The kit also comes with a dark black liner and double ended shadow brush. Both average quality and work fine but I wouldn’t purchase either. Overall, the palette was a dud. I purchased on eBay for $15 and accidentally bought two by mistake. But don’t be a sucker and skip this palette by Cargo.

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