Glasgow Layover

I headed to Glasgow for work last week. I arrived at the hotel just before noon. We stayed at the Hilton in the financial district in the city center. It’s rated as a four star hotel but I think it’s more like a three star hotel. The rooms are large compared to London UK standards. The room showed some wear and tear but it was clean and contained everything you need.

After a quick shower I headed to the City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Bus. The concierge gave me a coupon for one pound off and a map with the bus stop location. From the Hilton, you just head one block behind the hotel. There’s a Marriott on the other side with a bus stop that includes the City Sightseeing Bus. It stops about every 15-20 minutes. The brochure says to wave down the bus because sometimes it doesn’t stop. I didn’t have any issue.

After I boarded the bus, I purchased my ticket. It was cash only which was a bit of a shock. Everyone takes credit cards these days! But luckily I had some pounds on me. 14 pounds with my one pound coupon. I paid and grabbed my head phones and grabbed a seat up top to see the sights and enjoy the fresh cool air. I did the whole loop which took about two hours. The commentary was interesting and I got a good overview of the city. Next time I have this layover I will take this bus again and head to the Kelvingrove Art Museum and University area.

After I hopped off the bus, I headed to FriendsFest in Victoria Park. Take a look at my review of FriendsFest. We took an Uber back and forth, about 15 minutes for 6-15 pounds depending on peak times.

After returning to the hotel, I met the rest of the crew and we headed to The Slouch Bar to watch the soccer game, England v Croatia. The Main Street is a few blocks from our hotel. We got some cocktails and food. The drinks were good but the food was very mediocre. I do not recommend.

Then I headed back to my room for some sleep before returning to the US. I can’t say that Glasgow is one of my favorite layovers, but it was a fun 24 hours.

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