It Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Concealer and Powder Review

I consider myself somewhat of an expert on concealers. I am always looking for a great undereye concealer and a great acne concealer. There tends to be a lot of great undereye comcealers out there with every brand releasing a new formula every year and sometimes more! But concealers that specializes in acne is few and far between.

Why do I need an acne concealer? I tend to break out frequently. My undereye concealers are usually a little lighter to brighten the undereye area and tend to be more emollient to hydrate the delicate skin surrounding the eye. But a good face concealer needs to be the exact same shade as your skin. And since I don’t want the zit getting any more clogged, having a concealer with anti-acne healing properties is a real plus.

So when It Cosmetics released their new acne concealers, I ran out and got some. Bye Bye Breakout Concealer is specially created to be a drying lotion and a concealer. It’s infused with anti-aging peptides and hydrolyzed collagen, plus oil absorbing zinc oxide, kaolin clay, witch hazel, tea tree, sulfur, and a gentle AHA/BHA complex. The Bye Bye Breakout Powder contains the same ingredients and is designed to combat shine and create an airbrushed finish.

I picked up the concealers in Light and Medium and the powder in Light/Medium. For reference, I have a light olive complexion, NC 30 in MAC. The medium was just a hair to dark and the light just a hair too light. (Of course). But I like having both for when I’ve been tanning or not. The powder was also slightly darker than I had hoped.

From the bottom, light concealer, medium concealer, powder. Near my wrist, is the light concealer with the setting powder over it and medium concealer with setting powder over it. The powder really darkens both concealers considerably. I think I might go back for the translucent formula. Although I already have an anti acne powder from Bare Minerals that’s similar.

So how were my results? I have to say, pretty flawless. The coverage is great, really covers the blemish. The finish was nice and dry looking. I could really cover the blemish well. The hardest part is really matching the colors to my skin and making sure powder doesn’t go on too dark. But once I did it, it looked great. I also didn’t notice this making my pimple any worse.

I don’t know how well this would work on fairer skin-tones. The light concealer is much too dark as it’s almost perfect for me, There’s no way any fair or porcelain skin-tones could use the light/medium powder. The light/medium powder is darker than I expected but it’s a great addition to my concealer arsenal. I can use it to darken any concealer. But you need a really light hand with it.

The Bye Bye Breakout Concealer retails for $28 for a .35 fl oz., and the Bye Bye Breakout Powder also retails for $28 for .24 oz.

I’m happy with my results and would recommend this product if you can find a color match.

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