Tropical Smoothie Cafe Review

Since I’ve been on my juice kick this week I’ve decided to try another juice place. This time Tropical Smoothie Cafe. There seems to be quite a lot of this chain around.


I was suprised to see they had a wide variety of food in addition to smoothies. It’s a great healthy food option.

I tried the lean machine and the mango magic. Both were okay. The lean machine has strawberries, banana, fury burner and energizer and I added whey protein to it. It was a little bland. The mango magic has mango pineapple and non fat yougurt. It had a refreshing mango flavor. I liked this one better but my husband didn’t.

Overall I think I ordered the wrong items. Or maybe fresh equals healthy and not too sweet like I’m normally used to!

The best thing was the price. $14 for two huge smoothies. That’s half the price of Raw Juice and twice the size! So I’m inclined to try this place again when I need a healthy fix.

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