Week Two

I started this blog on June 8. So this is day 13. I’ve been able to create a basic blog page with a few subtitles. And I’ve added pictures. I can only add one at a time if i want them to go in order, but hey I’m making progress. I had so many ideas when i thought about starting this blog, but it’s harder than it looks. I’ve traveled to 35 countries and trying to remember what i did and where is almost impossible. I really need to write on here when I’m in the moment.

It’s also pretty slow going on this app. I don’t have a Word or Word Perfect type of program to make edits before i publish. So right now I publish piecemeal and add along the way. If i don’t publish immediately, i sometimes delete the blog and have to start over. Done that a few times too many.

I really need to invest in some type of laptop computer with a writing program. I found this cute photo of what i wished my office space looked like. Now it’s just my phone or mini iPad wherever i happen to be. And why doesn’t this have spell check or capitalize my “i”s. It’s driving me nuts.

But so far this blogging thing is going okay. Not sure why i feel the need to write stuff every day (or frequently as i hear a good blog posts daily). Finding stuff is harder than i thought. I guess i need to discover my voice.


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