Manero’s Restaurant

I grew up in the Northeast where Manero’s restaurant was a legend. The first one started in 1945 in Greenwich, Connecticut. Everyone ate there, from Andy Rooney to Ivana Trump. Lines out the door in the 60’s and 70’s. Delicious steaks and the world class Gorgonzola salad. I remember it fondly. Over time, the restaurants closed with the flagship store finally closing its doors in 2006.

I had heard of one in Florida but it’s pretty far north of me, so I never went. Then in the early 2000’s, Manero’s opened a food truck near the courthouse in Palm Beach. Simply amazing. I went every week. But lo and behold they stopped coming. So now I have to trek to Palm City Florida to get my fix. But it’s Still delicious.

The menu has some different options but I stuck with the classics. Manero’s used to be a more upscale steakhouse with reasonable prices. Now the menu is more eclectic but they kept the salad!

I started with the French onion soup. Very classic and simple. The base has a simple broth, unlike some of the fancier restaurants that tend to try and jazz up the classic soup. The melted cheese is a must. I’ve actually ordered French onion soup that didn’t come with cheese at another restaurant. Manero’s does it right.

Then i ordered the steak Gorgonzola salad. It’s huge! Fresh iceberg and romaine lettuce and tomatoes. None of those fancy greens-mix that tastes like grass. Topped with Gorgonzola and the oil and herbs dressing.

Scrumptious! The Gorgonzola just melts perfectly into the salad with the oils. I think they shred the Gorgonzola so it blends better with the dressing and meat. Love it.

Finally, I ordered the legendary chocolate cake to go as well as some dressing for Home.

Unfortunately the other Manero’s have all closed. This is the last one around. But if you are ever in Palm City stop by for a great meal.

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