Day Three

It’s coming together! I’m adding pics, customizing themes, adding headers. I think I might need to purchase a desktop computer soon to make this whole blogging experience easier but right now I’m figuring out what I can do on my iPad and iPhone. And maybe watch some more of the online videos.

I think my next post can be about what I actually want to write! But so far with a little knowledge and a lot of pressing every button, it is starting to come together. I will probably test a bunch of themes and photos as this site progresses.

And yesterday I got my first follower! I haven’t figured out how to follow anyone yet or how to search blogs but I’m sure that will come in time. This site keeps track of how many people are viewing your blog. I’m not sure I need to know that information but I guess I have time to figure out if it even matters to me.

I started this blog for a variety of reasons. One, my sister is a successful blogger who goes on some pretty cool free trips all over the world. Now that would be a nice perk. I’ve tagged along with her and had a great free hotel and meal in St. Malo. Also a fun free massage in Budapest.

But I’ve also started this blog to be cathartic and maybe relieve some boredom. I left a high pressure career with a full 50+ hour work week. Fifteen years of it. Now I find myself working a few trips a month and traveling for leisure. On my days off between trips, I run some errands and shop and then wonder what to do next. So I guess I’ll see if this blog remedies that.

I also take some really cool trips and people are always asking about it and want to see pics. So now I can share that knowledge. So stay tuned and enjoy the ride with me!

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